Presentations from
MACRUC 16th Annual Education Conference 2011

Fukushima Daiichi

Japanese Nuclear Accident and U.S. Response
Paul Genoa - Sr. Director Policy Development, Nuclear Energy Insitute

How Dynamic should Dynamic Pricing Be?

Dynamic Rates and Smart Meter Benefits
Lisa Wood - Executive Directory, Institute for Electric Efficiency

Illinois Case Study and Perspectives of a Consumer Advocate
Chris Thomas - Director of Policy, Illinois Citizens Utility Board (CUB)

Wholesale Price Responsive Demand

Marcellus Shale: Water and Environmental Issues

Hydraulic fracturing and the Marcellus
D. Nathan Meehan - Sr. Executive Advisor, Baker Hughes Inc.

Susquehanna River Basin Commission
Dr. Jim Richenderfer - ector, Technical Programs, Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Operational and Infrastructure Issues: Marcellus Shale

End Use Opportunities
M. Elise Hyland - President, Commercial Operations

Marcellus Shale - The Beast in the East: Implications for the Northeast Market
Tom Sherman - Manager, Energy Analysis, BENTEK Energy

Seneca Resources: Drill Management Program
John McGinnis - Sr. VP, Seneca Resources, Inc

The Marcellus Experience in Pennsulvania: Overview of Challenges and Opportunities
Tyrone Christy - Commissioner, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Volts, Bolts and Jolts: Nobody Rides for Free

Electric Vehicles and Electricity Regulation
Miles Keogh - Director of Grants & Research, NARUC

Plug-in Electric Vehicles: A Utility Regulatory Discussion
Watson Collins, P.E. - Manager, Business Development, Northeast Utilities

Potential Regulatory Pitfalls for PEVs
Dan Cleverdon - DC PSC