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Name (sort) Title (sort) Organization (sort) State (sort)
William Porth Robinson & McElwee WV
Regina Robinson-Brown Pennsylvania PUC PA
Ashley Ramer Direct Energy PA
Rhonda Daviston Pennsylvania PUC PA
James Hadden HAH Consulting OH
Michael Gruin Stevens & Lee PA
Tanya McCloskey Acting Consumer Advocate Pennsylvania PUC PA
Dennis J. Buckley Administrative Law Judge Pennsylvania PUC PA
Susan Colwell Administrative Law Judge Pennsylvania PUC PA
Teri Mathias Administrative Officer Pennsylvania PUC PA
Lou Ann Hess Administrative Officer Pennsylvania PUC PA
Rhonda Staver Advisor to Vice Chairman Pennsylvania PUC PA
Rachael Brekke Aide to President Solomon New Jersey BPU NJ
Katerina Dimitratos Analyst RRA / SNL Financial NJ
Derek Vogelsong Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Bruce Husta Area Vice President Itron, Inc CT
Joe Goffman Assistant Administrator U.S. EPA DC
Colin Scott Assistant Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Kriss Brown Assistant Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Louise Fink Smith Assistant Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
David Screven Assistant Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Aspassia (Asya) Staevska Assistant Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Krystle Sacavage Assistant Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Shaun Sparks Assistant Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Kirk House Assistant Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Kenneth (Ken) Stark Assistant Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Wendy Harris Assistant Director MACRUC DC
Theresa Czarski Assistant People's Counsel Maryland PSC MD
Trent Harkrader Assoc to the Bureau Chief FCC1 DC
Alexandra Landor Associate Clean Line Energy TX
Grace Power, Esq. Associate Eckert Seamans NJ
Melanie El Atieh Associate Counsel UGI Corporation PA
Ted Davis Associate General Counsel Maryland PSC MD
Matt Roussy Associate General Counsel Virginia SCC VA
John Philip Melick Attorney Jackson Kelly PLLC WV
Rebecca Waldemar Attorney Pennsylvania PUC PA
Brian Greene Attorney GreeneHurlocker, PLC VA
Karen Moury Attorney Buchanan Ingersoll &Rooney PA
Christopher Callas Attorney Jackson Kelly PLLC WV
Michael Hassell Attorney Post & Schell, P.C. PA
James McGee Attorney Alexander & Cleaver, P.A. MD
John Quain Attorney Consultant PA
Jaime McClintock Attorney Pennsylvania PUC PA
Jonathan Nase Attorney Pennsylvania PUC PA
April Ballou Attorney Pennsylvania PUC PA
Brian Calabrese Attorney Robinson & McElwee PLLC WV
Thomas Capper Attorney Pennsylvania PUC PA
Stacy Mitchell Attorney Cozen O'Connor NJ
Eric Wallace Attorney GreeneHurlocker, PLC VA
James C. Falvey Attorney Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellot DC
Anthony Kanagy Attorney Post & Schell, P.C. PA
Mark Wieder Attorney Pennsylvania PUC PA
Felicia West Attorney Advisor DC PSC DC
James Guy Attorney at Law LeClairRyan VA
Lori Burger Audit Manager Pennsylvania PUC PA
Nathan Paul Audit Supervisor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Walter Burd Auditor Pennsylvania PUC PA
David Kennerly Auditor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Kenneth Raffensperger Auditor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Larry Treaster Auditor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Keith Mather Auditor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Frank Simone AVP Federal Regulatory AT&T DC
Lenora Best BCS Policy Division Chief Pennsylvania PUC PA
Susan Riley Board of Managers PJM Interconnection PA
Ake Almgren Board of Managers PJM Interconnection PA
Alexis Bechtel Bureau Director Pennsylvania PUC PA
Denis O'Brien CEO, Exelon Utilities Exelon PA
Audrey Zibelman Chair New York PSC NY
Edward Salmon Chairman Salmon Ventures, Ltd NJ
Judith Jagdmann Chairman Virginia SCC VA
Tom Johnson Chairman Ohio PUC OH
Betty Ann Kane Chairman DC PSC DC
David Armstrong Chairman Kentucky PSC KY
Laurence Downes Chairman and CEO New Jersey Resources NJ
Dennis Doll Chairman, Pres. & CEO Middlesex Water Co NJ
Deb Dulsky Chief Commercial Officer HomeServe USA CT
Bohdan Pankiw Chief Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Robert Powers Chief Operating Officer American Electric Power OH
Marianne Townsend Chief, Telecom Ohio PUC OH
Risa Holland Client Manager PJM Interconnection PA
Marissa Paslick Commission Advisor Maryland PSC MD
Patricia Acampora Commissioner New York PSC NY
Jim Gardner Commissioner Kentucky PSC KY
Robert F. Powelson Commissioner Pennsylvania PUC PA
Kelly Speakes-Backman Commissioner Maryland PSC MD
James Dimitri Commissioner Virginia SCC VA
Mary-Anna Holden Commissioner New Jersey BPU NJ
Pamela Witmer Commissioner Pennsylvania PUC PA
Gladys M. Brown Commissioner Pennsylvania PUC PA
Asim Haque Commissioner Ohio PUC OH
James Cawley Commissioner Pennsylvania PUC PA
Joann Conaway Commissioner Delaware PSC DE
Garry Brown Commissioner New York PSC NY
Ryan Palmer Commissioner West Virginia PSC WV
Joanne Doddy Fort Commissioner DC PSC DC
M. Beth Trombold Commissioner Ohio PUC OH
Anne Hoskins Commissioner Maryland PSC MD
Gregg Sayre Commissioner New York PSC NY
Joseph Fiordaliso Commissioner New Jersey BPU NJ
Lawrence Brenner Commissioner Maryland PSC MD
Lynn Slaby Commissioner Ohio PUC OH
Johann Clendenin Commissioner Virgin Islands PSC United States
Dallas Winslow Commissioner Delaware PSC DE
Jon McKinney Commissioner West Virginia PSC WV
Philip D. Moeller Commissioner FERC DC
Dianne Solomon Commissioner New Jersey BPU NJ
Matthew Hrivnak Complaints Invest Admin Pennsylvania PUC PA
Cornelia Schneck Conservation Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Megan Good Conservation Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Scott Gebhardt Conservation Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Wayne Gardner Consultant W E Gardner Company PA
Diane L. Slifer Consultant PJM Power Providers Group (P3) PA
Kevin F. Cadden consultant Kevin Cadden Consulting VA
David Svanda Consultant Svanda & Coy Consulting MD
Daniel Mumford Consumer Services Pennsylvania PUC PA
Allan Schwab COO IDT Energy NJ
Marva` Johnson Corp. VP Gov. & Industry Bright House Networks FL
Susan Simms Marsh Corporate Counsel Pennsylvania American Water PA
Norman Kennard Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Benjamin Aron Counsel Sprint Corporation VA
Michael McCarthy Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Brett Rendina Counsel to Chairman Pennsylvania PUC PA
Joseph Witmer Counsel to Cmmr. Brown Pennsylvania PUC PA
Kimberly Barrow Counsel to Cmmr. Brown Pennsylvania PUC PA
Rikardo Hull Counsel to the Chairman Pennsylvania PUC PA
Matthew A. Totino Counsel to Vice Chairman Pennsylvania PUC PA
Kathryn Sophy Deputy Chief Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Darren Gill Deputy Director Pennsylvania PUC PA
Tommy Oliver Deputy Director Virginia SCC VA
Aaron Kraus Deputy Director of Policy SolarCity DC
Robert Marinko Deputy Director/Technical Pennsylvania PUC PA
David Mroz Deputy Executive Director New Jersey Energy Coalition NJ
Quang Nguyen Deputy General Counsel Kentucky PSC KY
Wendy Stark Deputy General Counsel Pepco Holdings, Inc. DC
Bridget Hill-Zayat Dir Compliance/Reg Affairs ETHICAL ELECTRIC DC
Michelle Henry Dir Market Policy First Energy Corp OH
Avi Keilson Dir of Regulatory Affairs IDT Energy NJ
Rod Nevirauskas Dir Rates & Regulations American Water Company PA
Ruth McCormick Dir, Fed & State Affairs BCSE DC
John Keaton Dir, Government Affairs Duke Energy OH
Nancy Krajovic Dir, Rates/Regulatory Columbia Gas of PA/MD PA
Ron Edelstein Dir, Reg & Gov Relations Gas Technology Institute DC
Cheryl Walker Davis Dir-Office of Special Asst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Jean Snopkowski Dir. Govt. Programs Solix, Inc. NJ
Thomas Handley Dir. Regulatory Affairs Rappahannock Electric Co-op VA
Jana Croom Dir. Regulatory Affairs Columbia Gas of Ohio OH
Rachelle Whitacre Dir. Regulatory Affairs Virginia Natural Gas/AGL VA
Matthew McCaffree Dir. Regulatory Relations NAWC DC
lael Campbell Dir. State Govt Affairs Elexon MD
Colin Mount Dir., Federal Reg. Affairs FirstEnergy DC
Tim LoCascio Dir., Marketing & Reg. Aff Liberty Power FL
Leah Gibbons Dir., Regulatory Affairs NRG Retail Northeast MD
Shawn Anderson Dir., Regulatory Strategy Columbia Gas of Ohio OH
Paul Vasington Dir.-State Public Policy Verizon MA
Barbara Tyran Director EPRI DC
John Holtz Director NRG Retail Northeast NJ
Thomas Bailey Director CenturyLink PA
Chris Getman Director Bravo Group Inc. PA
Ronald Cerniglia Director - Gov't & Reg Aff Direct Energy NC
Wayne Harbaugh Director - Pricing BGE MD
Juan Alvarado Director - Telcom, Gas Maryland PSC MD
Joseph Kerecman Director Gov. and Reg. Aff Calpine Corporation DE
Eric Thumma Director Govt. Affairs Iberdrola Renewables LLC MA
Hans Detweiler Director of Development Clean Line Energy Partners IL
Melissa Lauderdale Director of Gov't & Reg Integrys Energy Services MD
Christopher Prince Director of Grid IQ Center GE Digital Energy GA
Christopher Sherman Director of Reg/Leg Affair NextEra Energy Resources MA
Catherine Flores Director of Sales World Energy Solutions TX
David Ellis Director Quality Assurance West Virginia PSC WV
Mary Beth O'Hara Osborne Director Regulatory Affair Pennsylvania PUC PA
Richard Hudson Director Regulatory Affair ConEdison Solutions PA
Dennis Hosler Director, Bureau of Audits Pennsylvania PUC PA
Amy Trojecki Director, Corporate Affair Exelon DC
Crissy Godfrey Director, EAP Maryland PSC MD
Jeffrey Levine Director, Gov. & Reg Aff GDF SUEZ Energy North America PA
Tim Fagan Director, Public Policy PSEG NJ
James Wagner Director, Reg. Affairs Washington Gas VA
Aundrea Williams Director, Regulatory NextEra Energy Services TX
Mindy Herman Director, Regulatory Serv. Pepco Holdings Inc DC
Marji Philips Director, RTO and Federal Hess Energy Marketing LLC NJ
Anne Lindner Director, St Govt Relation Exelon MD
Katie Rever Director, State Affairs Solar Energy Industries Ass'n MD
Matthew Gregorits Director, State Affairs FirstEnergy PA
Jim Harkness Director, State Affairs JCP&L/FirstEnergy NJ
Charles Kruft Director, State Affairs MD FirstEnergy MD
Matthew Gerst Director, State Regulatory CTIA-The Wireless Assn. DC
Wilton Cedeno Director, State Regulatory Con Edison NY
John F. Stanziola Director,Govt. & Reg. Aff. South Jersey Gas Company NJ
Donald Hayes Director,Regulatory Matter Washington Gas DC
Lawrence Godlasky Director-Gov't Affairs UGI Energy Services PA
Velma Redmond Divisional General Counsel Pennsylvania American Water Co PA
Roy Lathrop Economist NCTA DC
Brent Killian Electric Safety Supervisor Pennsylvania PUC PA
John Van Zant Energy &Cnsrvtn Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Eric Matheson Energy Advisor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Abigail Ross Hopper, Esq. Energy Advisor/Director Maryland Energy Administration MD
Eric Icart Energy Industry Analyst FERC DC
Todd Snitchler Energy Practice Group McDonald Hopkins, LLC OH
Sarah Battisti Energy Practice Lead Bravo Group Inc. PA
Anthony Rametta Energy Supervisor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Annunciata Marino Energy Utility Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Kim Shumway EVP Utility Services Allconnect GA
Chantal-Aimee Hendrzak Exec Dir, Operations Supt. PJM Interconnection PA
Anne Grealy Exec Dir, State Affairs FirstEnergy OH
William Helmer Exec VP and GC Transmission Developers NY
Kara Sual Rinaldi Exec. Director National Energy Board DC
Bruce Burcat Executive Director Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy DE
Katrina McMurrian Executive Director CCIF LA
Jolynn Butler Executive Director AT&T Services, Inc. IN
Robert Howatt Executive Director Delaware PSC DE
Michelle Malloy Executive Director MACRUC DC
Charles Gray Executive Director NARUC DC
Jan H. Freeman Executive Director Pennsylvania PUC PA
Catalina Aguilar Executive Director NEM DC
Tracy McCormick Executive Director Retail Energy Supply Assoc. PA
Gregory Carmean Executive Director OPSI DE
Paul Flanagan Executive Director New Jersey BPU NJ
Matthew Wurst Executive Policy Manager Pennsylvania PUC PA
Patrick McDonnell Executive Policy Manager Pennsylvania PUC PA
Lori Shumberger Executive Secretary Pennsylvania PUC PA
Robert Iacullo Executive Vice President United Water NJ
Andrew Ott Executive Vice President PJM Interconnection PA
Michael Kormos Executive VP, Operations PJM Interconnection, LLC PA
Noel Black Federal Regulatory Affrs Southern Company DC
Clark Gellings Fellow Elec Power Research Inst. CA
Padraic Buckley Field Director Count on Coal VA
Jake Gentile Field Ops Supernitendent Pennsylvania American Water PA
Erin Laudenslager Finance Manager Pennsylvania PUC PA
David Huff Finance Supervisor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Marissa Boyle Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Melissa Derr Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Deborah Sagerer Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Christopher Hepburn Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Andrew Herster Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Marc Hoffer Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Bryan Mahla Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Errol Wagner Financial Analyst Kentucky PSC KY
Marie Intrieri Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Eric Jeschke Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Michael Rice Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Karl Germick Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Stephen Jakab Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Richard Layton Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Spencer Nahf Financial Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Joseph Spandra Financial Analyst Spvr Pennsylvania PUC PA
Yasmin Snowberger Fixed Util Val Engineer Pennsylvania PUC PA
Lee Yalcin Fixed Utility Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Jeffrey McCracken Fixed Utility Financial An Pennsylvania PUC PA
Jeanne M. Fox Former Commissioner NJ Board of Public Utilities NJ
C Scott Wilson Founder CSWilsongroup International GA
Festus Odubo FxdUtly Valuation Engineer Pennsylvania PUC PA
Bill Chambliss General Counsel Virginia SCC VA
Mike Brello Government Affairs Manager AEP OH
Nikki Jones Government Relations PPL Corporation PA
Kim Pizzingrilli Government Relations Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney PA
Colin Fitzsimmons Govt & Regulatory Affairs Direct Energy PA
Rick Counihan Head of Regulatory Affrs Nest MD
Johnnie Simms I&E Director Pennsylvania PUC PA
Terri Slocomb Industry Advisor Pennsylvania PUC PA
David Hixson Information Specialist Pennsylvania PUC PA
Robin Tilley Information Specialist Pennsylvania PUC PA
Lois Burns Legal Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Shelby Linton-Keddie Legal Counsel Pennsylvania PUC PA
Angela Hawkins Legal Director Ohio PUC OH
Kimberly Hafner Legal Division Supervisor PA Public Utility Commission PA
Brian O'Hara Legislative Director NARUC DC
Pamela Marsden Management Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
John Cox Manager Rates & Regulation American Water PA
Ricky Gratz Manager Regulatory Affrs Opower VA
Jani Tuzinski Manager Telco/Water Pennsylvania PUC PA
Dave Defide Manager, Customer Programs Duquesne Light Company PA
Stephen Boyle Manager, Reg/Leg Affairs PJM Interconnection PA
Shirley Bardes-Hasson Manager, Regulatory Policy Columbia Gas of PA & MD PA
Justin Biltz Manager, State Affairs FirstEnergy OH
Rob Garagiola Managing Attorney Alexander & Cleaver, P.A. MD
Richard Mroz Managing Director Archer Public Affairs NJ
William Flynn Managing Partner Harris Beach PLLC NY
Peter Cavan Market Analyst Pulse Energy BC
Daniel Clearfield Member Eckert Seamans PA
Deanne O'Dell Member Eckert Seamans PA
Porus Irani MERE Pennsylvania PUC PA
Kerry Stroup Mgr, Legisl/Regul Affairs PJM Interconnection PA
Matthew LaRocque Mgr, Reg & Legisl. Affairs PJM Interconnection PA
Diana Swisher Burckhart Mgr, Regulatory Affrs Just Energy TX
Edgardo Ortiz Mgr, Regulatory Outreach Edison Electric Institute DC
William Barkas Mgr., St. Gov't. Relations Dominion Retail, Inc. PA
Emil Burnham Mr Neptune Technology Group NJ
Colette Honorable NARUC President Arkansas PSC AR
Murray Bevan Partner Bevan Mosca Giuditta Zarillo NJ
Maureen Helmer Partner Hiscock & Barclay, LLP NY
Jim Meyer Partner Riker Danzig NJ
Derrick Williamson Partner Spilman Thomas & Battle, PPLC PA
J. Joseph Curran Partner Saul Ewing LLP MD
Edward DeHope Partner Riker Danzig NJ
Cary Hinton Policy Advisor DC PSC DC
Sandra Johnson-Gumby Policy Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Donna Siemons Policy Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Theresa D. Mingarell Policy Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Annette Falcone Policy Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Janice Ragonese Policy Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Sarah Dewey Policy Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Joseph Sherrick Policy&Planning Supervisor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Donald Mason President All American Energy Partners OH
Gary Stockbridge President Delmarva Power DE
Cheryl Norton President Kentucky American Water KY
Anna Marie Cellino President National Fuel Gas NY
Kathy Pape President PA American Water PA
Glen Thomas President GT Power Group LLC PA
Steve Samara President Pennsylvania Telephone Assn. PA
Jeff McIntyre President West Virginia American Water WV
Carl Levander President Columbia Gas of Virginia VA
David Wright President Wright Directions, LLC SC
William Varley President New Jersey American Water NJ
Gail P. Brady President GB Consulting Services NJ
Jim Sullivan President The Sullivan Group AL
Mark Kempic President Columbia Gas of PA/MD PA
Gerard Esposito President Tidewater Utilities, Inc. DE
Maureen Harris President Claritas Energy Advisors, LLC NY
James Laurito President Central Hudson Gas&Elec NY
Craig Goodman President & CEO NEM DC
Andrew Hendry President & CEO New Jersey Utilities Assoc. NJ
Karen Alexander President & CEO KAlexander Associates, LLC NJ
Terry Boston President & CEO PJM Interconnection PA
Marty Durbin President & CEO America's Nat Gas Alliance DC
Terrance Fitzpatrick President & CEO Energy Association of PA PA
Pablo Vegas President & COO AEP Ohio OH
Walter Lynch President & COO, Reg Ops American Water NJ
Frederick Butler President and CEO Butler Advisory Services NJ
Jennifer Kocher Press Secretary Pennsylvania PUC PA
Stephen Huntoon Principal Energy Counsel LLP VA
Gary Shambaugh Principal AUS Consultants PA
Tom Champion Principal T Champion Consulting MD
David Sheffer Principal AUS Consultants PA
Patricia Eckert Principal Patricia M Eckert & Assoc CA
Renee Guild Principal Consultant Consulting/Analysis, Itron CA
Bennett Ginburg Prod. Development Manager Allconnect, Inc. GA
Jeremy Ferrell Project Director NextEra Energy Resources FL
Sarah Cosby Project Manager - AES Dominion Resources Srvs VA
Allison Kaster Prosecutor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Regina Matz Prosecutor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Joe Tadrick Protective SecurityAdvisor US Dept of Homeland Security NY
Linda Koman Publ. Utilities Specialist U.S. General Services Admin. DC
Linda Haskins Public Policy Analysis Dominion VA
Deron Henry Public Utility Auditor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Jennie Banzhof Public Utility Auditor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Krystle Daugherty Public Utility Auditor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Paul Ring Publisher FL
Michael Daley PUC Auditor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Andrew Showers Rate Case Rev Specialist Pennsylvania PUC PA
Edward Berzonsky Rate Case Rev. Specialist Pennsylvania PUC PA
Mohan Samuel Rate Case Review Specialis Pennsylvania PUC PA
Cindi Muriceak RateCase Review Specialist Pennsylvania PUC PA
David Applebaum Reg. Director, Regulatory NextEra Energy Resources FL
Kimberly A. Joyce RegCounsel&Dir.LegAffrs Aqua America, Inc. PA
Vincent Maione Region President Atlantic City Electric NJ
Christy Omohundro Regional Representative AWEA DC
Greg Poulos Regulatory Affairs EnerNOC Inc. OH
Amy Neufeld Regulatory Affairs Manager PECO Energy Co. PA
Kathryn Frazier Regulatory Affairs Manager PPL Electric Utilities PA
Michael Fessler Regulatory Affrs Manager UGI Utilities, Inc. PA
Antonio Soruco Regulatory Consultant Strategic Communications, LLC DC
Michael Borovik Regulatory Counsel AEP Energy IL
Sherri Monteith Regulatory Issue Manager American Electric Power OH
David Washko Reliability Engineer Pennsylvania PUC PA
Daniel Searfoorce Reliability Supervisor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Maurice Smith Retail Market Specialist DC PSC DC
Rory Whelan RVP Government Relations Time Warner Cable NY
Rosemary Chiavetta Secretary of PA PUC Pennsylvania PUC PA
James Buckley Security Representative National Football League NJ
John Moore Senior Attorney IL
Bob Curry Senior Consultant Charles River Associates CT
Eric Schwalb Senior Corporate Counsel CenturyLink MO
Theodore Gallagher Senior Counsel NiSource/Columbia Gas of PA PA
Andrew Tubbs Senior Counsel NiSource Corporate Services PA
Don Laub Senior DIrector Comcast MD
Chris Kallaher Senior Director Direct Energy MA
Elizabeth Stipnieks Senior Director Edison Electric Institute DC
Pamela Lloyd Senior Director GCI SchoolAccess AK
Michelle Bloodworth Senior Director, Power Gen America's Nat Gas Alliance DC
Edward Damico Senior Manager National Fuel NY
Marc Hanks Senior Manager Direct Energy Services, LLC MA
Joe McGinn Senior Mgr, Public Affairs Sunoco Logistics Partners PA
Michael Fraizer Senior Policy Advisor Ohio PUC OH
Alex DeBoissiere Senior Vice President UIL Holdings Corporation DC
Richard Munczinski Senior Vice President AEP OH
LeAnn Talbot Senior VP Comcast PA
Thomas Maguire Senior VP Verizon NJ
Vincent Ammann Senior VP and CFO WGL Holdings, Inc. DC
Alan Seltzer Shareholder Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney PA
John Povilaitis Shareholder Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney PA
John Evans Small Business Advocate OSBA PA
Jennedy Johnson Special Agent Pennsylvania PUC PA
Sponsor SEIA Sponsor SEIA DC
Christine Falco Sr Analyst PJM Interconnection PA
Christina Chase-Pettis Sr Communications Speciali Pennsylvania PUC PA
Cyndi Page Sr Communications Speciali Pennsylvania PUC PA
Michael Salvo Sr Dir Field Operations PA American Water PA
Robert Barkanic Sr Director Energy Policy PPL EnergyPlus PA
Deborah Lippert Sr Director Field Ops Pennsylvania American Water PA
Connie McDowell Sr Regulatory Policy Admin Delaware PSC DE
Paul Powers Sr. Business Advisor Empire Advocates, LLC NY
Jade Davis Sr. Dir. of State Affairs ACCCE DC
Elizabeth Murray Sr. Dir. Regulatory Affair Comcast NJ
Keith Cartnick Sr. Director Water Quality United Water NJ
Gary Helm Sr. Market Strategist PJM PA
Marc Collins Sr. Principal Consultant Itron Consulting ON
Walton Hill Sr. V.P. Reg. Relations United Water NJ
Carl Carlotti Sr. Vice President National Fuel PA
Michael Pointing Sr. VP United Water NY
Nick Rowe Sr. VP Central Division American Water MO
Paul Genoa Sr.Dir, Policy Nuclear Energy Institute DC
J.E.B. Pinney Staff Attorney Kentucky PSC KY
Tiffany Hunt Staff Attorney Pennsylvania PUC PA
Lisa Wansley Staff Attorney West Virginia PSC WV
Christopher Howard Staff Attorney West Virginia PSC WV
Debra Kriete State E-rate Coordinator South Dakota Dept of Education PA
Julia Benincosa Legg State E-rate Coordinator WV Department of Education WV
Annie Downs Gilleo State Policy Analyst ACEEE DC
Dave Koren Strategic Affairs Manager Columbia Gas of Ohio OH
Robert Revelle Strategic Policy Director Pepco Holdings, Inc. NJ
Kristen Fleet Supervisory EIA FERC DC
Dwight Scruggs SVP - Business Development Allconnect GA
Joseph Dominguez SVP Govt & Reg Affrs & Pub Exelon Corporation DC
Jodi Gidley SVP Mid-Atlantic Operation AGL Resources VA
Paul Bonney SVP&Deputy General Cnsl Exelon PA
Scott Carter SVP, Commercial Operations AGL Resources GA
Loyd Warnock SVP, External Affairs American Water NJ
William Gausman SVP, Strategic Initiatives Pepco Holdings, Inc. DC
Sheila D. Brown Telco Policy Supervisor Pennsylvania PUC PA
Brent Struthers The Numbering Man Neustar DC
Jeff Gray Unit Chief Office of Homeland Security DC
Charles Covage Utility Energy Analyst Pennsylvania PUC PA
Sean Donnelly Valuation Engineer-Water Pennsylvania PUC PA
Mary Patricia Keefe Vice Pres -Reg Affairs Elizabethtown Gas NJ
Lisa Fontanella Vice President RRA VA
Cynthia Menhorn Vice President MCR Performance Solutions PA
Lorraine Alexander Vice President World Energy Solutions MI
John Hollenbach Vice President United Water Pennsylvania PA
Paul Szykman Vice President UGI Utilities, Inc. PA
Tony Shay Vice President Silver Spring Networks NJ
Anthony Nee Vice President & Treasurer Washington Gas Light Company DC
Donald Brown Vice President Finance/CFO UGI Utilities, Inc. PA
Don Deemer Vice President Sales Neptune Technology Group AL
Karen Campbell Vice President-SGA Verizon DC
Daniel Gahagan VP & General Counsel BGE MD
Dan Weekley VP - Corporate Affairs Dominion Resources, Inc. VA
Seth Mendelsohn VP - Legal Virginia American Water PA
Debbie Albrecht VP - Legal & Secretary West Virginia American Water WV
Donna Clark VP and General Counsel Energy Association of PA PA
Romulo Diaz VP and General Counsel PECO Energy PA
Daniel Creekmur VP and General Manager Columbia Gas of Ohio OH
Dan Pfeiffer VP of Government Affairs ITRON WA
Pamela Hollick VP of Regulatory Level 3 Communications IN
Rob Caiello VP Product Development Allconnect GA
Steven Ferguson VP Regulatory & Finance Appalachian Power Co. WV
James Jenkins VP Regulatory & Public Pol American Water MO
Bill Colton VP, Corporate Strategies Exxon Mobil Corporation TX
Lisa Hough VP, External Affairs Simple Energy CO
Gloria Godson VP, Federal & PJM Policy Pepco Holdings, Inc. DE
Jay Kooper VP, General Counsel & Sec. Middlesex Water Company NJ
Steve Crout VP, Government Affairs Qualcomm DC
Kyle Rogers VP, Govt Relations American Gas Assn. DC
Amy Farrell VP, Market Development ANGA DC
Richard Brown VP, Market Initiatives Exelon PA
Wes Yeomans VP, Operations NYISO NY
O. Ray Bourland VP, PHI Public Policy Pepco Holdings, Inc. DC
Richard (Dick) Webster, Jr. VP, Reg. Policy & Strategy PECO PA
Kevin McGowan VP, Regulatory Affairs Pepco Holdings, Inc. DC
Edward D. Tatum VP, RTO & Reg Affairs ODEC VA
Denise R. Foster VP, State & Member Svcs PJM Interconnection PA
Michael Brady VP, State Reg. Affairs Comcast Cable MI
A. Bruce O'Connor VP, Treasurer & CFO Middlesex Water Company NJ
Tom Froehle VP- External Affairs AEP OH
Roberta Sims VP-Reg Affairs/Gas Supply Washington Gas VA