MACRUC 19th Annual Education Conference

Registration and Housing Opens
April 22, 2014

who is attending...

15 people are attending as of April 17, 2014!     Are you?
Name (sort) Title (sort) Organization (sort) State (sort)
Wendy Test3 Assistant Director-Elec NECPUC DC
Two Harris Attorney Pennsylvania PUC PA
Wally McCarthy Commissioner New Hampshire PUC NH
Five Harris Commissioner Arizona CC AZ
One Harris Commissioner Alaska RC AK
George Washington Commissioner Connecticut PURA CT
Jeff Davis Commissioner Missouri PSC MO
Six Harris Dancer Kentucky PSC KY
Seven Harris Doctor Arkansas PSC AZ
One White Gas Tech Georgia PSC GA
Four Harris Meter Reader IVY Hill LLC DE
Eigth Harris Nurse Raymond Murphy Hospital MD
Nine Harris Rates Manager Pepco DC
Ten Harris Sr VP Gov Affts FERC DC
Three Harris Student NJ University NJ

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